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In relativistic physics, the electromagnetic stress–energy tensor is the contribution to the stress–energy tensor due to the electromagnetic field. The stress–energy tensor describes the flow of energy and momentum in.
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Realization of impossible anomalies - Nakayama, Yu Phys. D98 no.


Renormalised 3-point functions of stress tensors and conserved currents in CFT - Bzowski, Adam et al. Axial gravity, massless fermions and trace anomalies - Bonora, L. On the trace anomaly of a Weyl fermion - Bastianelli, Fiorenzo et al. One-loop effective actions and higher spins - Bonora, L. Scalar 3-point functions in CFT: renormalisation, beta functions and anomalies - Bzowski, Adam et al.

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Massive fermion model in 3d and higher spin currents - Bonora, L. One of the simplest energy-momentum tensors is the dust energy momentum tensor. This type of matter field consists of noninteracting incoherent matter. The matter field depends on one scalar quantity and one vector quantity. These two quantities are as follows:.

This density is the density that would be measured by an observer moving with the flow of the dust fluid. Such an observer is called a co-moving observer. The simplest energy-momentum tensor that can be constructed from these two dust quantities is the following:.

Note that this pattern of physical terms is similar to the pattern for kinetic energy in classical mechanics. We will now look at the behaviour of this energy-momentum tensor by seeing how it works in special relativity.

Energy–momentum tensor of a perfect relativistic fluid

The relation between the proper time and normal coordinate time is found by considering the Minkowski line element coordinates given by. We now take a look at the 00 component of the dust tensor. This equation is reminiscent of the relativistic mass relation where. We note that in a co-moving frame we would expect the following condition.

Thus we have.

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We are therefore led to a physical interpretation of the 00 component of the dust energy-momentum tensor as follows. The other components of the dust energy momentum tensor The divergence of the energy momentum tensor for dust leads to two very important equations involving energy and momentum.

We shall now investigate how these two equations arise. The divergence equation is written as follows:.

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Subscribe Search My Account Login. Abstract TYABJI 1 has shown that the energy momentum tensor in the vortical form of Dirac's new electromagnetic theory 2 has the same form as that belonging to the non-vortical theory. Rent or Buy article Get time limited or full article access on ReadCube. References 1 Tyabji, S.

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